We work for God. And our calling is to do something extraordinary in entertainment because - whether you like it or not - that's what drives the culture. More so than your pastor. More so than political leaders. Culture is influenced by movies and TV shows, but not just any movies or shows.

The really outstanding ones. And that's where God's people need a jolt to their thinking. We need to stop making entertainment that makes us comfortable and start getting serious about impacting and influencing the world.

The Bible is the most radical story ever told. It upset people. It caused controversies. It made people uncomfortable. That was the idea. It had a point of view and expressed it in ways that jarred people. It enraged the authorities and threatened religious leaders. It was not safe, formulaic or conservative (we mean attitudinally, not doctrinally). It wasn't afraid of being too edgy for the Christian bookstore, or of getting a rating more severe than PG-13. TV produced by God's people should be like that.

So our mission is to do something different. If you watch our shows, you will recognize that our stories know right from wrong, and we know God's place in Heaven and on Earth. But you'll notice something else: The story is king, and we have no intention of following any sort of template for how Christian shows are supposed to work. Nor do we think it would be very interesting if every plot line had to do with church, faith or the life-and-death struggle against secular college professors who talk about evolution.

There is a lot more that happens in real life. Besides, this is fiction. We get to make stuff up! You can bet it will be stuff you don't expect, and that you can't look away from. Our ultimate goal will be achieved when the atheists of the world are tuning into our shows and saying, "I know I shouldn't like this show, but it's so good! I can't stop watching!"

So the shows you see on North Star Network will challenge every convention about what "Christian entertainment" is supposed to be like, because the truth is it's really just very high-quality television that takes place in a universe where God is real and people know Him. We're not sure when that became such a radical thing, but here we are. And we couldn't be happier that we're the ones doing it.