North Star Network’s mission is to engage new audiences by disrupting the status quo on multiple fronts. We intend to satisfy certain audiences who have been waiting for someone to offer impactful content without apologizing. We intend to surprise and reel in other audiences by making them think of what’s possible in ways they never had. Needless to say, it all starts with top-quality writing, directing, acting, production and post-production. But even that requires that we first allow ourselves to think differently. We are Christians. We believe in the biblical view of everything from modern-day culture to the supernatural realm. We believe this viewpoint offers the potential to tell compelling and even mind-blowing stories.

But we rarely see anything like this coming from the world that identifies itself as Christian entertainment. This is a growing genre and it has a devoted fanbase, but it is too safe and formulaic to reach anyone beyond the church crowd. It can also be its own worst enemy in that it knows its devoted audience will accept mediocre quality if the message is right, so Christian entertainment sees no reason to take risks or challenge existing sensibilities. Our mission is to produce television series with some very different characteristics:

• Very real, very flawed, yet very relatable and interesting characters.
• Intense psychological and spiritual themes.

• Very raw presentation of the products of spiritual darkness.
• Multilayered storylines with elements of humor, conflict, spiritual warfare and internal trauma.
• No thinly veiled sermons, but stark depictions of the consequences of the choices people make, in addition to vivid explorations of their spiritual roots.
• No holds barred with respect to language or imagery, except as related to creative excellence. We’re opposed to rebellion against God. We’re not afraid to show you what it looks like, often in ways that will jar you.
• Complete willingness to skewer the present cultural sacred cows – never out of meanness and certainly not gratuitously – but when it makes for excellent content, without hesitation.

And we need to be very clear on this point: This is designed to operate profitably and deliver return on investment. A profitable venture is self-sustaining and can fund its own growth, and has no trouble attracting new capital while maintaining the highest level of quality.