Stronghold, the debut series from North Star Network, is a psychological/spiritual thriller set in the fictional Detroit suburb of Troika Creek, Michigan.

With multi-layered storylines, characters swimming in contradictions and deep dives into the human subconscious, Stronghold is a story of anti-heroes and inner battles that overlay a community's basic struggle to pursue its seemingly quiet, simple life.

The main protaganist is a criminal . . . and a Christian. Shane Jansen has emerged from a prison sentence and tumult in his family life to seek a new beginning with his wife and daughter, all with the support of the very police chief who put him away, but believed in him and became a friend and mentor.

But Shane hasn't given up every secret, and he soon learns what his duplicity could cost him and his family if he doesn't make it right quickly. That effort is complicated, however, by the presence of a bizarre device that's designed to corrupt the community's spiritual atmosphere. As Shane tries to protect his community and the man who claims to have the answer to the problem, a strange instability affects the local police, a leading business, a popular local coffee shop, and the students at Troika Creek High School . . . especially Shane's own beloved daugher, Elise.

Stronghold is eight episodes of stunning action and intriguing mystery, with themes stretching to the heavens.