The journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step, or in this case, two first steps.

North Star Network will launch with two original series that will establish the standards for this new genre. Both are produced in the Detroit area and feature some of the best acting, writing and production talent in the industry. They are:

An hourlong action/drama starring Chris Newman, Matthew Siman and Diana C. Salinas
Self-contained in an ordinary-looking brief case is a device code-named Honolulu. But there is nothing ordinary about it. If it works the way it designer intended - and the way a rogue mercenary who's gained control of it hopes - it will unleash a force of darkness unlike anything modern society has seen. To test this frightening device, former operative Garrett Welch has come to the fictional town of Water Wheel, Michigan, where he has convinced a former colleague-turned-pastor to give him sanctuary. This will allow him to test Honolulu on some of the town's stranger inhabitants. That's when a local career criminal named Shane Jansen ends up entangled in a stirring and bizarre caper over who will control Honolulu, and which of the town's residents is at risk of being victimized by it. And as Shane seeks the truth about Honolulu, he must also match wits with a mysterious Brit named Lachlan Kennicot, whose loyalties and motives are a deep secret, but who clearly wants control of Honolulu and will stop at nothing to get it. A fast-paced, quirky story of action, self-deception and supernatural intrigue, Double Down challenges every conventional notion of what is possible on television - Christian or otherwise.

A half-hour comedy starring Dennis Marin, Jack Kison, Kara Joy Reed and Lulu Dahl
Parker Baltimore is a college freshman at Lynx University, where his father was once president of the Greek Council. He knows he is expected to join a fraternity, but the only one that offers the chance is a Christian, co-ed frat - very much outside the comfort zone of this non-believing "man of science," whose only exposure to Christianity takes the form of random texts from his grandmother. But his scheming roommate Rick "The Con" Kahnmann always has a gambit in mind, and it usually lands both of them in serious trouble requiring the help of their quasi-goth friend Simone to bail them out.