Dan Calabrese - Chief Executive Officer
The author of four novels on spirtual warfare, Dan is the one-time owner of a public relations firm - an experience that showed him public relations is not his forte - Dan has become accomplished as an independent writer, journalist and columnist. Since 2012, he has served as director of media operations for former presidential candidate Herman Cain. He has also written on topics as diverse as trucking, gaming, technology, finance and pet retailing for a wide variety of publications, and has consulted with businesses to help them improve their operational efficiency and revenue performance.

Alex Greene - Chief Strategy Officer
Alex Greene is an executive producer and intellectual property consultant with expertise in music, television and film acquisition. Few stories are as inspiring as Alex's rise to become the founder and CEO of his own production company and a competitive content creator. His work has been recognized by many esteemed organizations. As an executive producer, Alex has been awarded six Emmys. His production company was awarded 14 Emmys, 12 Tellys and 2 prestigious Dove Awards. Alex's award-winning productions have aired in 110 million households in North America, and been licensed to 30 foreign territories. As an intellectual property consultant, Alex's contribution has resulted in more than $70 million in private capital for viable entertainment projects.

Angie Calabrese - Chief Creative Officer
North Star Network was only born because Angie asked God to confirm to her that His leading to her husband was real - and He did. She also recognized that He gifted her with a unique ability to take story concepts and take them to a different level. (Or as she puts it, "All those years my mom thought I was wasting time watching TV. Ha!") All show concepts, episode concepts and scripts come under Angie's oversight. A stickler for detail, Angie also owns her own proofing and editing business, appropriately named Angie Calabrese Editing.

Michelle Cohl - Casting Director
Described in a recent television interview as a luminary on the Metro Detroit entertainment scene, Michelle Cohl has handled casting for full-length films and music videos for artists such as Hani Bay, Trick Trick and Young Roc, as well as acting in films and videos for various directors and producers. Michelle has been credited for helping to launch a number of careers after organizaing and hosting a highly successful Entertainers' Networking Event in 2018, and is in high demand both as an actress and as a casting agent.

Jay Majeske - Chief Financial Officer
A turnaround expert and successful CEO in his own right, Jay has a history of helping mid-market companies manage their finances well and reach their full potential. His philosophy focuses on cash flow, culture, and capabilities – and he applies that philosophy by drawing on deep executive experience in corporate leadership and banking. Jay’s leading areas of expertise include cash flow management, investment, change management, accounting and business strategy.