Dan Calabrese - Chief Executive Officer
The author of four novels on spirtual warfare, Dan heard a call from God to do something extraordinary in entertainment and culture. The one-time owner of a public relations firm - an experience that showed him public relations is not his forte - Dan has become accomplished as an independent writer, journalist and columnist. Since 2012, he has served as director of media operations for former presidential candidate Herman Cain, and is a regular op-ed contributor to the Detroit News.

Lisa Meinzinger-Abraham - Chief Production Officer
The organizer and CEO of Detroit's popular Rock Hard Film Fast Festival, Lisa gave the North Star concept its substance by bringing together the director, crew, support staff and casting professionals who could turn concepts into high-quality productions. All aspects of production - from location scouting to lighting and cameras to director and crew, and of course budgeting, fall under Lisa's purview.

Angie Calabrese - Chief Creative Officer
North Star Network was only born because Angie asked God to confirm to her that His leading to her husband was real - and He did. She also recognized that He gifted her with a unique ability to take story concepts and take them to a different level. (Or as she puts it, "All those years my mom thought I was wasting time watching TV. Ha!") All show concepts, episode concepts and scripts come under Angie's oversight. A stickler for detail, Angie also owns her own proofing and editing business, appropriately named Angie Calabrese Editing.

Jay Majeske - Chief Financial Officer
A turnaround expert and successful CEO in his own right, Jay has a history of helping mid-market companies manage their finances well and reach their full potential. His philosophy focuses on cash flow, culture, and capabilities – and he applies that philosophy by drawing on deep executive experience in corporate leadership and banking. Jay’s leading areas of expertise include cash flow management, investment, change management, accounting and business strategy.

Xavier Musgrove - Chief Marketing Officer
A native of Pasadena and a veteran of the Hollywood production scene, Xavier gained extensive knowledge of entertainment production and marketing – working on sets and networking with industry professionals – before coming to Michigan to serve as chief operating officer of Vega Entertainment. Xavier has also started two businesses of his own – the gospel music company Right Life Records and fashion company Aimer7. Xavier is the primary architect of North Star Network’s marketing plan.